Categories Of Workers

We provide workers, highly skilled, specific skilled, semiskilled and unskilled:


Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Computer Engineer , Analyst/Specialist .

Carpentry Work:

Furniture Carpenter , Joinery/Assembler, Shuttering Carpenter and Helper .


Land Surveyor, Mechanical Supervisor, Electrical Supervisor, Civil Supervisor, Agricultural Supervisor, Security Supervisor , Cleaning Supervisor .

Masonry work:

Marble/ Chips/ Brick/ Block /Plaster Steel Fixer and Helper .

Administrative /Clerical:

Manager, Administrative Officer, Accountant, Camp Boss, Administrative Assistant, Store Keeper, Computer Operator , Clerk / Typist and Time Keeper

Piping work:

Plumber Industrial, Plumber Building and Helper

Electric work

Electrician Industrial, Electrician Building, Electrical Motor, Rewinding and Helper .

Skilled & Unskilled Labour :

Laundry & Iron Man, General Labour, Cleaner , Construction Labour , Garbage Man and Gardener .

Mechanical Work:

Heavy Duty Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Light Duty Mechanic, Auto Petrol Mechanic, Auto Painter, Body Repairer and Welder .

Operator/ Driver:

Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Duty Driver, Light Duty Driver, Time Keeper.

Super Market:

Manager, Accountant, Supervisor, Cashier, Store Keeper Salesman, Computer Operator and Cleaner .


Doctors, Administrative Officer, Warden, Pharmacists , Nurse (Male/Female), Accountant, Store Keeper and Cashier


Manager, Accountant, Cook (Continental, Indian Chinese), Cashier, Store Keeper, Time Keeper, Receptionist, Steward, Cleaner, Room Boy and Gardener . .

Security Guard:

Security Personnel and Watchman


Painting (Building & Spray).


Skilled & Semiskilled Agricultural Worker

AC Technician:

Splite and Central .


1G/2G/3G/4G/6G position TIG/MIG/GAS