Documents Required for VISA Processing

1. Documents needed from the employer for VISA processing and accreditation with our Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare & Overseas Employment Govt. of Bangladesh :

Original Visa Advice
Consulate Letter
Demand Letter
Power Of Attorney
Duel Employment Contracts
Bloc Visa or Visa Quota
Copy of Company Registration or Photocopy of Employer's Passport (for individual employer).

2. The Power of Attorney Demand letter & Employment contract must be attested by the Bangladesh Embassy existing in the country of employment and endorsed by its Chamber of Commerce & Industry/Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3. Selection of Contract Workers

The mode of selection of contract workers may be executed under the following procedures:

Selection by employer or through his authorized representative: By this routine, the employer or his authorized representative may conduct personal interview here in Bangladesh and finally select the most competent workers from our manpower reserve.

Communication With Customer:

We usually communicate with our customers through different means and methods such as phone, fax, DHL and electronic mail.